Every child deserves to grow up with clean water and a healthy environment.

What we do

We empower the poorest rural communities in Uganda to provide clean water and healthy homes for children and their families to thrive. We partner with villages and schools to address critical gaps in water, sanitation, and hygiene by building infrastructure and coaching community members.

How we're different

Infrastructure is not enough. Community empowerment is critical to transforming the norms and habits that keep people healthy and ensure the long-term sustainability of wells and other infrastructure. We make data-driven decisions to continuously enhance our construction and empowerment work, and invest in high-quality operational execution for impact that lasts.

What's next

In 2019, we plan to implement programs that benefit more than 50,000 people and raise the bar for health impact and sustainability. By 2020, we aim to expand our reach by more than 200,000 people, and position ourselves to scale to greater heights in the years that follow.

Our promise to supporters

We believe we have a responsibility to transparently communicate with our supporters, and we work to find new ways to make it easier to understand how we spend money and what impact we see. We regularly make available our successes, our failures, and our plans for the future through data, reports, and multimedia.

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