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We Engage Communities

Communities applying to the Water Trust must contribute land, labor and materials to a project. As a condition of our investment, we insist that villagers work alongside our team to improve their community’s water and sanitation.

We’re Interdisciplinary

Participating communities must build latrines and improve sanitation before we install a well. We’ve witnessed how the implementation of hygiene education, better sanitation practices and clean water can have a multiplier effect on society.

We're Transparent

As our partner, you can see how a specific community has benefited from your donations. You’ll also have access to real-time performance reporting that creates a new model for transparency among nonprofits. Learn more.

We Support Long-Lasting Change

Providing clean water isn’t a onetime proposition. The Water Trust can effect long-lasting, sustainable change to the developing East African communities that need it most. Learn more about how we ensure lasting impact.

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*Look different? In September 2015 we used data from our mobile monitoring platform to make this number accurately represent the lives directly impacted by our work.

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