About Us

We team with communities in East Africa to create sustainable, effective water, hygiene and sanitation systems.

In 2008, three longtime advocates for safe-water access founded The Water Trust: finance executives Ted Huber and Jeff Kaplan, and Andrew Pearson, director of U.K.-based Busoga Trust. Initially operated as a Busoga Trust satellite, The Water Trust is now an independent NGO with American leadership.

Our experienced field teams work on the ground in the places we serve. We build latrines. We teach hand washing and sanitary habits. We help parents understand why kids need clean water to stay healthy. We’re changing behaviors, one family at a time, to help save lives. Most important, we empower people to take better care of themselves.

When you contribute, we ensure your support flows to projects that produce lasting and meaningful change. We share the details and stories behind that progress with real-time online reports. And by offering life-changing trips to Africa, made possible through top travel providers like Abercrombie & Kent, we can unite your family with the people whose futures you’re enriching.

We used to walk very far to fetch water, now the well is close. With this extra time, my mother, Rose, started a business selling vegetables. And with this money she paid for my school fees. I am studying to be a doctor.

What We Do

Rather than just channel money overseas, we build and send our own teams into the field. Each ensures that projects like these are effective and cost-efficient for the long term.

Build hand-dug wells

Village partners, with guidance from one of our technicians, construct brick-lined, cement-sealed units that keep their community’s water clean. See one in action

Drill borehole wells

When nature and geology prohibit hand digging, we use rigs to drill these narrower, deeper wells.

Build latrines

We work with village and school partners to build latrines. These cost- efficient structures create a safe, healthy sanitation facility.

Household water treatments

Working with our community partners, we determine the best ways to purify water at its points of use. Our methods include chlorination, bio-sand filtration, and ceramic filtering.

Harvest rainwater

Our simple structures capture clean rainwater that flows from roof-and-gutter systems.

Protect springs

In some parts of Uganda, water flows to the surface from underground. We first cement the walls of a spring to protect its water from contaminants, then build a spout. The result: a new water source for our partnering village.

Our Solutions Bring Change

Using a mobile system, we collect, analyze and share data.

Latrine Use

Proportion of households using a latrine or improved latrine


Proportion of water points that are currently functional.

Water Quality

Proportion of water points that pass a water quality test and a sanitary inspection.

No Data
National Standard

We are committed to long-lasting change and to get there, we measure key performance indicators of all our projects. Read about them here. See them here. We are committed to clean, safe water. To get there, we will do this.

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