Your all-access pass to The Water Trust has arrived.

We have a long tradition of bringing you closer to our work by transparently sharing our progress on project activities as well as the resulting water quality and well functionality. Recently, we took another step forward, turning our values into a policy that will help guide us as we seek new ways to better help you understand and connect with our work.

Today, we are happy to announce four additions to our website:

  • See our impact in real-time: we collect a tremendous amount of data about the communities we serve. We’ve long provided you with real-time data on water quality and functionality, and now you can see additional performance indicators that we believe reflect our program strengths and weaknesses.
  • Track how efficiently we spend donations: as we say in our transparency policy, “You shouldn’t need an MBA to figure out how we’ve spent money.” We’ve taken our preliminary financial results for our most recent fiscal year, and connected the dots so you can see how our spending connects to our results for the past year.
  • Step into our boardroom: every quarter we update our board on our successes, setbacks, lessons learned, and plans for the future. Why shouldn’t you be able to take a peek? We’ve uploaded the board update for our last quarter (scrubbed of some sensitive information and annotated for ease of interpretation) and made it available on our Reports and Data Center.
  • Take a look under the hood: we collect a lot of data. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, we’ve made all monitoring and evaluation data available in our Reports and Data Center. There, you’ll also find a document to explain the calculations for our Impact page. Find something interesting in the data? Let us know!

As we strive to share more information about our work, there will invariably be mistakes and lessons learned along the way. We welcome your feedback on what you like and what could be better. We have some exciting additions already in the works, including an evaluation report to accompany our metrics, so stay tuned for updates.

If you share our commitment to transparency, please consider making a donation and sharing a message on why transparency is important to you.

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