The table below connects our expenses to key program, administrative, and funding results.



(April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016)



Efficiency metrics



$644 K

  • Connected 23,827 people with access to WASH and supported continued access for 98,183 people.
$5 person

$520 K

  • Constructed 55 improved water sources and 10 latrines, connecting 23,827 additional people to clean water and sanitation.
  • Continued to monitor and support 242 improved water sources and 10 latrines constructed in prior years, rehabilitating 7 water points, and supporting 98,183 people.
  • Significantly improved construction design to reduce the risk of water contamination.
$7,599 new well
$1,786 rehab’d well
$7,114 new latrine
$0.10 existing well
$2 existing latrine

$57 K

  • Supported a team of 22 employees and maintained appropriate internal controls and reporting.
$2,606 employee supported

$67 K

  • Raised $364 K in revenue.
$0.18 dollar raised

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Technical notes

  • These calculations are based on unaudited financial data. Our audit for the fiscal year above (FY16) is currently in process. These figures will be updated following the completion of that audit.
  • “Admin.” is an abbreviation for General and Administrative costs
  • “Rehab’d well” is an abbreviation for a rehabilitated well.
  • The cost per unit does not represent the “price” of an activity. Many factors will affect the efficiency metrics for each category. For example, the cost per unit will vary depending on the volume of wells constructed, the type of wells constructed, the type of rehabilitation work needed to repair a specific well, etc.
  • Revenue represents funds raised in the fiscal year. Additional income was secured in prior years to pay for the additional expenses incurred in the fiscal year.


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