Our Team

Evaline Abu

June 20, 2017

Community Development Officer, Masindi

“Working with the community in water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions is fulfilling, exciting and comforting to me because each day is an adventure, a day of learning something new. My greatest motivation is to see community practicing good hygiene and sanitation practices, positive change of behavior, and great appreciation of a cleaner and safer environment. Working with communities has also taught me important virtues of life: kindness, gratitude, love and emotions, patience and respect.”

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David Okubal

May 2, 2018

Program Manager, Kiryandongo

David brings to his position six years of management experience supporting development programs in East Africa, including South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. His responsibilities have included developing monitoring and evaluation systems for the Lake Victoria Basin Commission, United Nations Mission in South Sudan, United Nations Human Settlements Program, and the Coca Cola Replenish Africa Initiative. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from the United States International University in Kenya and he is currently completing his master’s degree at Cavendish University.  For David, “The Water Trust’s deliberate efforts to use data and evidence to guide program design and delivery is what drew me to the organization the most.”

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Ann Grace Akiteng

November 14, 2017

Finance and Operations Manager, Masindi

Ann Grace brings to her role 14 years’ experience of financial stewardship in international development, with Self Help Africa and Gorta, as well as the private sector.

“I am passionate about community development and any contribution that I can make towards the betterment of a common person’s life in rural communities give me a fulfillment. In this role I realize that money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can also give time, our expertise, our love, or simply a smile. The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give. The reason why I am right here at The Water Trust to contribute towards putting a smile in the face of that girl or woman who ensures sufficient supply of water in a home – water is life.”

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Jude Thaddeus Anguria

July 19, 2017

School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Officer, Kiryandongo

“Together with other colleagues, I believe the goal of The Water Trust will be achieved in providing sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services to the rural needy in Masindi and Kiryandongo districts.”

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Osbert Atwijukye

December 4, 2017

Program Manager, Masindi

Osbert joined The Water Trust after four years working as a Sanihub Coordinator and Sanitation Engineer at Water for People. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Makerere University and he is currently completing his master’s degree at Makerere University as well. With a strong interest in developing sustainable sanitation technologies and business models, Osbert joined the organization because, “The Water Trust  attempts to answer the hard questions around program efficiency which is my area of interest, and also allows for trying out new ideas.”

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Sarah Aguti

October 5, 2016

Country Director, Masindi

Sarah brings ten years of progressive hands-on experience in water, sanitation, and hygiene, disaster risk reduction programing, and management both in international humanitarian response and development contexts. Sarah is well versed with community-based participatory approaches for social behavior change. She has bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Management, and Master of Arts in Development Studies. Over the past 10 years Sarah has worked in management positions for Save the Children, Plan International, and International Rescue Committee in Uganda and Liberia.

“I joined The Water Trust because it aims to create great change in the lives of poor people in rural Uganda, helping them to realize good health through the promotion of healthy behaviors and safe water. For the period I have worked for The Water Trust I have come to realize it is a very unique organization – it does not just do business as usual, but aims for sustainable results and measurable evidence of impact in communities where it works.”

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Mary Kevin Akisa

February 17, 2015

Finance Advisor, Kiryandongo

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Susan Alobo

August 27, 2016

Construction and Maintenance Supervisor, Masindi

Working with The Water Trust creates a heart of passion, desire and willingness in me to understand people’s ways of life so to improve their sanitation behavior which helps me to realize my career goals and ways of working with people from different background and culture.

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Harriet Atugonza

February 17, 2015

Office Steward, Masindi

My colleagues have helped me to work in a team and to know how people can get clean water and to keep healthy with total sanitation in the rural areas.

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Angelique Dioguardi

February 17, 2015

Program Director

Angelique “Lika” Dioguardi brings 14 years of on the ground implementation experience in international humanitarian response and development in refugee and rural contexts in Africa. She has strategically developed and implemented results based programs in water, sanitation, and hygiene, food security, health and nutrition and community resilience building. She has an master’s degree in Environment and Development and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health.

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Scovia Kaijabahoire

February 17, 2015

Accountant, Masinidi

This work enables me to interact with people from different backgrounds and to learn and exchange new ideas. It helps me to acquire new skills especially in accounting packages.

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Olive Kamusiime

July 19, 2017

Community Development Officer, Masindi

“Affordable access to sustainable safe water supply, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene is a golden gift you can give to any remote rural community. I am passionate to extend the gift and see it become a reality while I work with The Water Trust. Every day that passes, I learn a thing or two from the community through engagements which enhance my knowledge to serve them better.”

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Geofrey Kusemererwa

July 22, 2016

Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, Masindi

As a development practitioner, I feel happy when I wake up every day and see our rural people with enough water for use and drink. It’s really inspiring.

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Edwin Kusiima

February 17, 2015


I enjoy working in an organization that helps local communities to access water and to improve their hygiene and sanitation practices.

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Stephen Kwikiriza

February 17, 2015

Senior Community Development Officer, Masindi

This is very important for me because as a social worker I have fulfilled my career goals and have gained enough experience working with communities in regards to water and sanitation issues with The Water Trust. It has paid me salary that I use for my family welfare or cost of living.

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Badru Mugabi

February 17, 2015

Communications Officer, Masindi

Working with The Water Trust at first seemed like any other job. However over time, I have learnt to appreciate and understand the plight of the community in need of clean and safe water which motivates me to work harder and continue to make my contribution towards this noble cause the TWT is championing.

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Simon Mugume

August 27, 2016

Community Development Officer, Masindi

“So inspiring to work with The Water Trust! This fulfills my longtime education dream of working with rural communities to impact their attitude about sanitation and hygiene.”

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Scovia Namande

February 17, 2015

Community Development Officer, Kiryondongo

I am realizing my dream of helping the rural poor especially the youth and women, to have good life standards through the provision of safe water. It is important to me as a social worker to improve my skills through interaction with the various cultures, I have learnt to appreciate them and also working with them. This is a source of living for me and my family.

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Maurice Ndahura

February 17, 2015

Assistant Construction and Maintenance Supervisor, Masindi

The fact that science says that water flows everywhere in the earth’s crust and the community cannot access it, drives me to bridge this gap with the simplest technology that can provide safe and clean water to save young lives. To the community reaching the water table is a miracle, to the donor community it is emotional to see the water flowing and to me it makes my soul cry out to see that young child drinking water from a clean source.

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Gloria Nyakaisiki

February 17, 2015

Office Steward, Kiryondogo

I have learnt to build a good working relationship with my workmates and I have also had the opportunity to contribute to the team through providing data entry skills.

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Charles Ochaya

July 19, 2017

School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Officer, Kiryandongo

“A heart that yearns to solve another person’s woes is a heart that shall always cause a change in the world. My desire to see people live a healthy, dignified, rewarding, optimistic and motivated life outweighs the barriers. Every day I am at my work, I try as much as possible to leave a mark that will give achievable hope for the best in life for the target group.”

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Peter Osire

September 24, 2015

Community Development Officer, Kiryondongo

I have a Diploma in Development Studies from Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development and a Certificate in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University. Working with communities for the better is one the things I treasure most and this made me like my work as a Community Development Worker first and as Social Mobiliser at District level now. I am proud of being part of The Water Trust team, working directly with the community from one stage to another and being involved in every stage of their development. I love playing Basketball and Volleyball.

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Scovia Oyenyboth

February 17, 2015

Community Development Officer

Working with TWT is important to me because it has helped me to gain more field experience. I am more confident when interacting with my colleagues and share some important issues concerning our work. It has further changed my financial status coming from a dependent to independent life.

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Chris Prottas

April 5, 2016

acquistare viagra generico a Bologna Executive Director

Prior to joining The Water Trust, Chris led global operations and planning at Trickle Up, a New York-based nonprofit that builds the capacity of people living in extreme poverty to pursue sustainable livelihood activities.  There he supported the scale-up of evidence-based economic and social empowerment programs in India, the Americas, West Africa, and North Africa.

Chris also brings to The Water Trust his experience as a consultant focused on innovations in healthcare and as an officer in the US Army Reserve. He holds a Master’s of Public Administration from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

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Ben Andrew

February 15, 2017

Board Member

Ben brings to The Water Trust his experience in healthcare, policy and data analysis. Ben holds a senior strategy position at Intuitive Surgical, with part of his role being to help the company bring superior, less invasive surgical techniques to the global community, including the developing world. Previously, Ben worked at William Blair & Company for 19 years as a partner and head of its healthcare research group analyzing the medical technology industry. He has a undergraduate degrees in organic chemistry and rhetoric. Ben has supported the organization since its founding in 2008 and joined the board in early 2017.

“The rigorous collection and incorporation of clinically meaningful data regarding water quality, access, behavioral change and ultimately community health makes The Water Trust unique. In my travels, I have seen in person the on-the-ground difficulties of providing a durable solution to water, sanitation, and hygiene, and fundamentally changing behavior across generations. I joined the board to help evaluate and expand on the results of the new pilot projects.”

Jeff Kaplan

February 17, 2015

Co-Founder and Board Member

Jeff is Partner at Deerfield Partners, where he formulates and manages highly structured financial instruments for healthcare innovation growth and manages the trading department. Prior to this, Jeff held positions with E.F. Hutton and Merril Lynch. Jeff is a co-founder of GOAL: an after-school enrichment program in New York, is a Board Member of Possible Health: a NGO providing healthcare services in rural Nepal and is a member of the Executive Committee of The Deerfield Foundation. Jeff is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and serves on the Board of All Faith’s Seminary International.

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Terence Karnal

February 17, 2015

Board Member

Terence is the Equity Derivatives Portfolio Manager and Security Analyst at Deerfield Partners. Terence joined Deerfield Partners in 2010 and has previously worked with Toro Trading LLC and BAM Capital LLC. Terence is also President of the Deerfield Foundation. Terence joined The Water Trust board in 2010.

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Mathias Kiwanuka

October 25, 2016

Board Member

Mathias joined the Board of Directors in 2016 after a successful career as a football player for the New York Giants. Today Mathias lives in South Florida with his wife, Tessa, and two children, while also managing several businesses. Mathias is the grandson of Benedicto Kiwanuka, the first Prime Minister of Uganda, and his family has a long history of dedicated service to Uganda.  Mathias brings to The Water Trust a deep personal connection to the organization’s mission as well as expertise from a history of philanthropic giving in Uganda, excelling in high-performance sports organizations, and managing businesses.

“The people of Uganda are my family. I have always felt a responsibility to do whatever possible to help my family. However, no one can accomplish as much alone as they can with a team. In 2006 I joined another team of like-minded hard workers in the New York Giants. After winning two championships, and creating lifelong friendships, I walked away with a new appreciation for what can be accomplished when a group works together for a purpose.

I look forward to joining my new team, The Water Trust, and helping to achieve our current goals. As well as setting and achieving new ones.”

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Paul Schrimpf

May 11, 2015

Board Chair

Paul is an Associate Partner at Prophet, a brand strategy and marketing firm. He co-leads Prophet’s Healthcare practice and Prophet-For-Non-Profit efforts. His philanthropy efforts range from delivering healthcare to remote areas of Honduras, housing for the under-privileged in Bolivia, and children relief efforts in Haiti.

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Jennifer Stoltz Favus

July 19, 2017

Board Member

Jennifer is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with a private practice in New York City. She holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell, a master’s degree in social work from New York University. A long-time supporter of The Water Trust, Jennifer joined the board in early 2017.

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Mike Trapanese

April 24, 2018

Board Member

Mike Trapanese is an executive at analytics company VantageScore Solutions, where he has helped to scale operations through a period of rapid growth. He has previously held roles in strategy and corporate development within the financial services industry. Mike holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy from Boston College and a MBA from The Wharton School.

“What truly makes this organization unique is its ability to innovate and change. The Water Trust not only digs wells, but pilots adjacent programs to empower communities to save for repairs, embrace handwashing, and practice good sanitation. Those programs that are empirically effective become a part of the core approach, while others are either refined or discarded. In my experience, there are very few organizations—for profit or NGO— with this nimbleness and commitment to rigorous evaluation.”


February 17, 2015

The Water Trust was founded in 2008 by:

Ted Huber
Jeff Kaplan
Rev. Andrew Pearson