Village Partnership Model


We partner with villages of 800-1,200 people and work together to ensure every child can drink clean water, play in a clean home, and be held in clean hands.

Our services include:

  1. Build or repair community wells where families lack access to clean water.
  2. Form self-help groups of 25-30 members with a mandate to maintain the community well and promote good community hygiene and sanitation practices.
  3. Provide regular coaching support over 18 months to help the self-help groups to become strong, independent organizations and to reinforce improved hygiene and sanitation.
  4. Train local artisans in how to build high-quality sanitation products and establish linkages between the self-help groups and artisans.


Preventable disease is the primary health burden endured by the world’s poor. The Water Trust empowers communities to minimize preventable disease and death.