The Water Trust Commitment. Join Us!


We are committed to clean safe, water for all. To accomplish this, we will constantly measure our performance and analyze our results. During our most recent water quality analysis, we found that wells have inadequate water quality. Although our results are higher than industry standards, our commitment to those we serve demands that we do better. Our real-time, transparent publication of critical water data – regardless of results – holds us accountable to the communities we serve and those who support us around the world.

What’s Next.

We will conduct root cause analysis for diagnosis and implement change. We will:

  • Inform the community of the situation
  • Collect health data amongst those affected
  • Conduct sanitation surveys to evaluate risk contaminants like poor hygiene or sanitation
  • Re-sensitize on healthy sanitation and hygiene practices as needed
  • Evaluate technical components of the well and construction
  • Conduct multivariate analysis for potential contaminants
  • Analyze water again
  • Rehabilitate as needed

We will also perform analysis on a sample of water points to identify seasonal variations, conduct annual trainings for our technical team and implement household water treatment systems as needed.

Join Us!

Be a leader; join our movement. In the words of Peter Chasse, move boldly ahead with us toward increased accountability with true transparency.

I am personally grateful to be in partnership with TWT, who share so many of our deepest convictions about the work we do together. Commitment to genuine end-to-end transparency – as opposed to simply expressed aspirations – is rare in our sector. It’s a deep frustration we clearly share, but it’s also one we now both recognize as a unique opportunity to create a legacy. Sharing real-time monitoring data, publicly, is going to change what matters to donors and recipients alike. Thank your for your partnership. I look forward to moving boldly ahead with you.

~Peter Chasse; Founder/President The Water Project