Our Approach

We’ve developed highly effective approaches to long-standing water-access, hygiene, and sanitation challenges. Together with technology, we're producing results.
We’re demand-driven

The Water Trust’s unique application process identifies communities with a demonstrated willingness to embrace change.

We’re interdisciplinary

Our approach merges technology, education, and cultural components to maximize each project’s efficacy.

We’re empowering

We provide a leg up, not a handout. We want partner villages and schools to become independent. After an intensive seven-year monitoring period, we transition the water project to local leaders.

We’re responsive

Every solution gets customized to a community’s needs, demands, and capabilities.

We’re lasting

Our solutions spur lasting change, improving families’ lives for generations.

We’re accountable

Our rigorous self-monitoring of projects, through real-time testing and troubleshooting, ensures that your investment achieves maximum value and impact.