Diima Health Centre III

Donor: The Steve Willis Memorial Fund. In Loving Memory of STEVE WILLIS (Managing Director Of Red Chilli); Born 29th August 1967; Tragically killed in Murchison Falls, 8th November 2005. Forever in Our Hearts.

Diima Health Center III lies along the Kampala – Gulu High way at Diima trading centre which is located in Diima parish, Mutunda sub-county, Kiryandongo district and serves 12 villages whose population is estimated to 14,255 people. This facility also serves emergency cases from travelers along the highway and it is a referral center for all health centre II’s in the Mutunda sub-county.   According to the Ugandan government’s health policy, health centre III facilities are found in every sub-county and should have about 18 staff, led by a senior clinical officer, who run a general outpatient clinic and a maternity ward these facilities feed in to Health centre IV’s which are also referred to as Health sub-districts.

This health centre is starved of  access to clean and safe water especially at the maternity ward which require lots of water during and after delivery of mothers. Patients have to collect water from a borehole located 500 meters outside the health center which is a big inconvenience. Kiryandongo district attempted to resolved the water crisis by constructing a ferrous cement rain water harvesting tank which does not serve the purpose especially during dry spells without any rain. The maternity ward is presently filthy with blood stains and latrines within the facility are very dirty and do not have any hand ashing facilities due to water scarcity. Arising out of this continuous need, Kiryandongo district local government invited The water trust for partnership in delivering access to clean and safe water to health centres of which this facility has been earmarked to benefit.

Sanitation facilities prevent the transmission of diseases as it prevents human faecal contamination of water and soil. The lack of proper sanitation facilities are the cause for a significant proportion of the world’s infectious disease burden. According to the WHO, diseases due to poor water supply, sanitation, and personal and domestic hygiene cause 4.0% of all deaths and 5.7% of all disability or ill health in the world. Moreover, waterborne illnesses predominantly affect the poor and the young. When basic water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions are applied, waterborne illnesses can be effectively reduced (www.who.int).

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Project Details

Location: Diima Parish, Mutunda sub-county, Kiryandongo district.

Catchment Population: 14,255 people

Start Date: January 15, 2016

Key Performance Indicators

The following data will be collected approximately 6 to 8 months after the installation of the water point with the start of our monitoring program.

Water Quality
Latrine Use
No Data

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