Mboira II Nyakafunjo

Donor: Broadfin Capital

Mboira II Nyakafunjo is a small sub village located in Mboira parish, Kigumba sub-county in Kiryandongo district whose main economic livelihood is small-scale farming with maize, cassava and groundnuts as the major crops grown and some cattle rearing. Although this village has access to a protected source it does get very congested for the community to utilize and often dries out during the year.

Mr. Chwonzengu Godfrey is 58 years old and migrated from the West Nile over 30 years ago to Mboira to look for better opportunities. He has since settled into a life of farming and is married with six children. He notes that although next the nearest protected water source is located 2 km away on the other side of the village, “Residents end up collecting water from the open sources nearby instead of dealing with the congested line ups for water most especially after a long day’s work in the garden.” The community through their village chairman Jenesio Lowengo wrote an application letter to The Water Trust requesting for an additional water source after.

The Water Trust (TWT) will have an intensive program to provide access to clean water and sanitation in this village. The community will participate in excavating and constructing the water source. In the meantime the aim is that all households own an improved latrine. Many households do not use a latrine but use the bush. Due to the practice of open defecation, faeces are spread all over the village and contaminate open water sources. Our aim is to ensure that the community is able to live a healthy life, free of preventable waterborne diseases. We strive to work in partnership with the community to access safe clean water and improved sanitation.

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Project Details

Location: Mboira parish, Kigumba sub - county, Kiryandongo district

Start Date: October 28, 2014

Pump Installation Date: December 4, 2014

Key Performance Indicators

The following data will be collected approximately 6 to 8 months after the installation of the water point with the start of our monitoring program.

Water Quality
Latrine Use
No Data

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