Waiga Bedmoth

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Waiga Bedmoth is a small but densely populated village located in Kyakamese parish, Pakanyi sub-county, Masindi district whose livelihood depend farming. Part of this village lies on the banks of River Waiga which flows through Budongo forest to Lake Albert in the western part of Uganda. The big population in this village arose due to soil fertility of the area where yields from the small garden plots are high and more paying as compared to other places in the district. This village is however starved of access to clean and safe water where residents draw it from either River Waiga or the many open ponds near their homesteads. Alinda Sarah 34years old and a peasant farmer in this village revealed to us in an interview that most of the diseases reported from this village are water borne related and it was the major reason this community invited The Water Trust to help them gain access to clean and safe water.

While in this village, we met Mr. Kahiigi Sam the village chairman who invited us to this village on behalf of the community for partnership. He toured us around the water point in the village which we found highly turbid. He confirmed to us that the community was willing to contribute all the locally available materials like sand, bricks, and hardcore on top of providing accommodation to a technician we shall send to work with them in the process of constructing the water source.

The Water Trust (TWT) will have an intensive program to provide access to clean water and sanitation in this village. The community will participate in excavating and constructing the water source. In the meantime the aim is that all households own an improved latrine. Many households do not use a latrine but use the bush. Due to the practice of open defecation, faeces are spread all over the village and contaminate open water sources. Our aim is to ensure that the community is able to live a healthy life, free of preventable waterborne diseases. We strive to work in partnership with the community to access safe clean water and improved sanitation.

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Project Details

Location: Kyakamese parish, Pakanyi sub-county, Masindi district

Start Date: March 9, 2015

Pump Installation Date: April 10, 2015

Key Performance Indicators

The following data will be collected approximately 6 to 8 months after the installation of the water point with the start of our monitoring program.

Water Quality
Latrine Use
No Data

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