Two-time Super Bowl Champion Mathias Kiwanuka joins Board

220px-mathias_kiwanuka_in_uganda_croppedThe Water Trust is excited to welcome former New York Giant Mathias Kiwanuka to The Water Trust team.

Mathias, of Ugandan heritage, brings to The Water Trust Board of Directors a deep personal connection to the organization’s mission. “The people of Uganda are my family,” said Mathias. “I have always felt a responsibility to do whatever possible to help my family.”

Kiwanuka is the grandson of Benedicto Kiwanuka, the first Prime Minister of Uganda, and his family has a long history of dedicated service to Uganda.  This has added excitement to The Water Trust’s Uganda team and local partners. “We are all aware of how much the country’s history is attached to the Kiwanuka family. The fact that he is coming back in a different mode – it makes me speechless,” said Community Development Officer Peter Okoit Osire.

Beyond his commitment to the mission, Mathias brings to The Water Trust  expertise from a history of philanthropic giving in Uganda, excelling in high-performance sports organizations, and managing businesses.

“In 2006 I joined another team of like-minded hard workers in the New York Giants,” said Mathias. “After winning two championships, and creating lifelong friendships, I walked away with a new appreciation for what can be accomplished when a group works together for a purpose.”

The addition of Mathias to The Water Trust team comes at an important moment. We recently launched innovative new approaches to help poor rural communities sustain access to clean water despite a lack of public utilities in these remote areas. Further, we are in the process of finalizing an ambitious strategic plan to enhance the impact and scale of our work in villages, schools, and health facilities. Mathias is an importance voice in this process and will be visiting The Water Trust in Uganda this spring along with several board members and supporters.

You can find additional information in the related press release.

Join Mathias in supporting rural Uganda to thrive.
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