Water Trivia

How many pounds of water does a person need to carry to meet the needs of a family of 5 for one day?

About 220 pounds — just for basic drinking water and hygiene needs. One liter weighs a little more than one pound.

Many villages partner with us to build a well because the nearest water source is more than an hour away. How much time do you think the average family saves per year after the new well is constructed?

Nearly 300 hours (or 38 “work days”) per year.

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are critical for children to absorb the nutrients that allow their brains and bodies to grow to their potential. Without these nutrients, their growth will be permanently stunted. What percentage of rural Uganda children are stunted?

36% — and that’s compared to 19% in urban areas of Uganda. When people think of stunting and malnutrition think they of food, but disease from dirty water and unhygienic surroundings prevent the body from absorbing nutrients even when children are well fed.

In 2017 we plan to improve the water, sanitation, and hygiene of 18 schools in Mutunda County in Uganda, benefitting more than 14,000 children. Across these 18 schools, how many handwashing stations do you think they currently have?

Two. One with soap. We’ll be working to ensure there are basic fundamentals of a healthy learning environment in place, hand washing facilities outside of bathrooms and play areas, a functional well, and separate, private bathrooms for girls and boys.

Clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene are critical to avoiding diarrhea. In poor rural communities, diarrhea is more than an inconvenience, it can be deadly. Across the globe, how many children do you think die in a given year from diarrhea?

Nearly 800,000 people a year.

Before we construct a new well, we find that typically 30-45% of households will report at least one case of diarrhea in the prior two weeks. What rate do you think we find a year after a well’s construction?

Reported diarrhea typically drops to a rate between 5-10%.