The Water Trust welcomes Ben Andrew to board

Ben brings to The Water Trust a commitment to improving health in the poorest communities and expertise in healthcare, policy and data analysis. He recently joined Intuitive Surgical in a senior strategy position with part of his role being to help the company bring superior, less invasive surgical techniques to the global community, including the developing world. Previously, Ben worked at William Blair & Company for 19 years as a partner and head of its healthcare research group. He has undergraduate degrees in organic chemistry and rhetoric.

Ben was drawn to The Water Trust because of its rigorous, data-driven approach to improving access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in a high-need country. He has a passion for the cost-effective delivery of exceptional healthcare not just in the developed world, but globally, and has been a regular donor since shortly after The Water Trust was founded.

“There are a lot of organizations that build wells. What makes The Water Trust unique to me is its rigorous collection and incorporation of clinically meaningful data regarding water quality, access, behavioral change and ultimately community health,” said Ben. “After now visiting our programs on the ground and seeing the impact and innovation firsthand, I am even more excited to help contribute to the organization’s growth and success.”

This year The Water Trust is pioneering new programs across 60 villages and 18 schools, benefitting more than 26,721 people and identifying more effective approaches to preventing disease through improved water, sanitation and hygiene.